5 Benefits of Proactive Computer Maintenance and Monitoring

5 Benefits of Proactive Computer Maintenance and Monitoring

Proactive Computer Maintenance and Monitoring

Proactive computer maintenance and monitoring is a simple and inexpensive way to keep your systems running at maximum efficiently. By being proactive problems are either prevented or caught early. In this issue we identify what proactive maintenance and monitoring is and also provide you with 5 benefits.

Are your computers 100% reliable and running at optimal performance?
Is maintenance being performed on all of your systems on a regular basis?
Are the vitals components of your computers and network being monitored?

What is Proactive Computer Maintenance and Monitoring?

Below we explain what is typically included with the proactive computer maintenance process so you will better understand why it would be important to you.

1) Backups

It is critical that your backups are monitored daily to ensure completion. Over time they do have the tendency to stop working.

2) Run Anti-Virus Scans

It is important that your anti-virus software be monitored, kept up-to-date and that scans be performed on a regular basis. This will ensure that your computer and data are virus-free and well protected from the latest cyber threats.

3) Apply Security and Operating System Updates

Microsoft and 3rd party software companies distribute security patches on a regular basis to mitigate ongoing threats and vulnerabilities, provide enhancements and to fix known problems. Your computers will be at greater risk to known security risks if these updates are not applied quickly. Frequent patching keeps your systems better protected.

4) Monitor Server up / down status

Servers store shared company data and applications. If your server goes down your staff can’t continue working. Server down alerts allow for quick problem detection and resolution.

5) Monitor Error Logs

Every computer running a Microsoft operating system has an event log which keeps track of error messages. This purpose of these logs is to assist IT personnel in identifying problems. Specialized management software can alert a technician in real time of these newly generated errors.

6) Computer Performance Monitoring

Management software can identify and alert of performance issues. High CPU utilization, low disk space and infected systems are some causes of poor computer performance.

7) Reporting and Periodic Assessments

Annual reports detailing up-time, patching, performance, and asset management can be provided with a full hardware and software inventory. This allows for better management of all your systems.

What are the 5 Benefits of Proactive Computer Maintenance and Monitoring?

1. Minimize Vulnerabilities

Keep your computers running safer and more secure through patching, updates and antivirus scans.

2. Less Downtime

Monitoring and maintenance prevents and allows for quick problem resolution to lessen impact to staff productivity.

3. Prevent Data Loss

There are many ways to prevent data loss. It is key to maintain proper backups and to protect data from cyber security threats.

4. Lower IT Costs

A regularly maintained network means fewer failures which leads to savings, lower support costs and greater reliability.

5. Greater Staff Productivity

Improve the productivity of your team, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a more reliable infrastructure with proactive monitoring and maintenance.

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