Microsoft Windows 7 End of Support coming in 1 Year

Microsoft Windows 7 End of Support coming in 1 Year

Microsoft WIndows 7 End of SupportWindows 7 End of Support is slowly approaching in less than one year on January 14, 2020. As of December 2018 approximately 40% of Windows users are still using Windows 7, while another 40% are using Windows 10. Microsoft has much more work to be done this year to convert more users over. To do so, Microsoft has to get its act together and get better at updating Windows 10 while reducing problems in doing so. There are a significant amount of skeptical Windows 7 users out there as a result of past buggy updates and many other concerns.

What impact will Microsoft Windows 7 End of Support have?

Don’t be alarmed, Windows 7 will not stop working. You will be able to continue to use it as long as you would like, just like you can still use Windows XP today. There are 2 main impact concerns after the support end date next year;

  1. Microsoft will stop support and stop issuing new security patches. As a result, this will make Windows 7 systems less secure and increasingly more vulnerable to attack, over time. Security is a big concern. It basically makes your computer a sitting duck for cyber attacks that can threaten your livelihood and your business.
  2. Microsoft end of support will also trigger other software and hardware companies to discontinue their support for Windows 7. Over time new software applications and hardware will eventually not run on older Windows versions. In addition, you will no longer be able to call the company for support if you run into a problem.

What are some Pros & Cons to using Windows 10?

Windows 7 is one of the best and most widely used versions of Windows ever. It is currently 9 years old. Unfortunately, we are getting closer to its end as we move forward with the technology life cycle. Here are some important pros and cons to making that switch;

  • As for Pros, Windows 10 has better hardware support, boots faster, is stable and has many useful security improvements and management. It is a better alternative to Windows 8 and offers an improved desktop user interface closer to Windows 7, with the return of the Start Menu button. Upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 will certainly require a bit of getting used to, but it’s not too difficult.
  • On the flip side with Cons, Microsoft has been struggling with Windows 10 update bugs and has to clean up its act and stop pushing out annoying and buggy updates. These updates have caused many unnecessary problems for both the end user and IT staff.

Should You Upgrade to Windows 10?

  • If you’re using Windows 7, you still have a year left to figure out the details and decide. In the process you will need to be sure that your computer hardware and software is adequate enough and compatible to run Windows 10. When the time comes, you should seriously consider upgrading. It makes more sense to upgrade than to stick with an UN-patched and vulnerable Windows 7.
  • Pro-Tech strongly recommends that you use a secure operating system. A secure operating system is one that is supported with the latest security patches. Since Windows 7 will still be patched for 1 more year, that fits fine with our recommendation for now. It’s not really a question of if, but more of a question of when to upgrade to Windows 10. So be prepared and it would be wise to put this on your radar for the future.

If you would like to switch between now and January 2020, give us a call. If you have any questions on upgrading to Windows 10, security or any other topic please call our office at (732) 702-5400.  Pro-Tech can come to your business or home and assist you with computer security planning, implementation, as well as other services. Please see our website homepage for other services we offer.


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