7 Reasons to Replace your Hard Drive with an SSD

7 Reasons to Replace your Hard Drive with an SSD

Solid state drives (SSDs)Are you tired of waiting for your computer to keep up with you? Solid state drives (SSDs)  deliver dramatic and a very noticeable performance increases compared to mechanical hard drives. Below are 7 reasons you should consider replacing your current hard drive with an SSD or buy one with your next computer purchase. Since computers are used to accomplish a wide variety of personal and professional tasks, the increased speed and efficiency of an SSD means that you’ll have the ability to get more done in less time. Ask anyone who uses one!

Compared to a hard drive, SSDs offer:

1) Faster Bootup and Software Performance

Imagine clicking on a program and having it load immediately. That’s the power of an SSD. SSDs also will enable your system to boot almost immediately. Since SSDs don’t have to mechanically find your data on a moving disk, they help your system achieve almost instant performance. Everything loads faster.

2) Uses Less Battery Power

Since SSDs are non-mechanical and don’t have moving parts so they require far less energy to operate. As a result, your laptop’s battery charge will last much longer and this will also extend the battery life as well.

3) Computer Runs Cooler

SSDs access data like flash memory rather than on a spinning hard drive platter. Less power means they can run at lower and more consistent operating temperatures.

4) Less Chance of Damage if dropped

Lost data can be your worse nightmare. SSDs are practically immune to getting damage from a laptop fall and are more damage-resistant than a standard type Hard Drive, especially from a fall.

5) Very Quiet / No noise

Standard type hard drives are full of moving parts like noisy spinning platters and moving heads. SSDs have no moving parts. The non-mechanical storage is entirely on silicon, chips, which do not make noise. In addition your system fan doesn’t have to work as hard to keep things cool, so less noise there as well.

6) Faster Maintenance

Faster Windows updates, backups, antivirus scans, data transfers, etc. SSDs enables you to get back to work as fast as possible instead of waiting around for computer maintenance tasks to complete.

7) No Need to De-fragment

Fragmentation of data on a standard hard drive has been a problem going back decades. With SSDs you never have to run a de-fragmentation utility to make it perform better because data is stored in a totally different way.

Advantages of Standard Hard Drives

If you need a huge amount of storage space, you still probably should go with a standard type mechanical hard drive which may only cost a few cents per GB compared compared to SSDs which are more expensive per GB. Companies or individuals with very large files such as video, graphics artists, designers, etc. may want to continue using these. Standard hard drives are great for lots of cheap archival space, however you can get the best of both worlds by going for an SSD as a boot drive and a larger standard hard drive for archive storage.

If you have any questions on upgrading your computer hard drive to an SSD or any other topic please call our office at (732) 702-5400.  Pro-Tech can come to your business or home and assist you with planning, implementation, as well as other services. Please see our website homepage for other services we offer.

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  1. Glen Lundberg :

    I had Frank from Managed IT Services replace my laptop hard drive with an SSD and also upgrade me memory. What a difference in performance, the startup and shutdown takes seconds, I am able to access my system files without any lag time. It’s like having a new computer again! Thank you Frank for your great customer service and professionalism.

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