Does your Business need a File Server?

Does your Business need a File Server?

File ServerDoes your Business need a File Server?

A File Server doesn’t have to be overly expensive or complex for your business to benefit greatly. I’m sure you will agree that adding a file server to your network will add substantial value to your business by allowing your staff to accomplish more. Here’s why.

File & Folder Sharing

A server allows you to centralize and manage your entire company’s file and document access on one system rather than on each computer individually, which saves time and is more efficient. Server users can store documents within their own personal folder or shared folders.

User Folder Permissions

By creating individual user and group accounts, user rights can be assigned to folders giving and preventing unauthorized users from accessing materials they should and shouldn’t have access to.

Less Downtime

In the event a user’s workstation fails, that staff member can go to another workstation to continue working on the same files.

Network Security

The most important role of a file server is the network security it provides. Microsoft Windows Server edition provides the necessary tools in order to manage groups of users, password policies, permissions and server roles. This allows you to control who can access the data stored on the server. Does your business deal with any regulatory agencies?  If so, PCI, HIPAA or FINRA requirements may dictate that you must have a server to meet security requirements.

Increased Reliability

A true Server is designed to run 24x7x365 and even in the event of a hardware failure. That’s why many servers are equipped with redundant power supplies and RAID hard drives. With this hardware redundancy, the loss of one power supply or a failed hard drive won’t interrupt the entire office. This is a great feature to have as it keeps you staff working while allowing the bad parts to be replaced at a more convenient time.

Shared Applications

A local server may also be needed if your staff needs access to shared application software such as QuickBooks, SQL Database or any other shared business software.

Centralized Backup

By having all of your company and employee data stored in one location (the server), backups can be performed reliably and quickly. So you’ll never need to worry about what data is stored on your other computers. There are many solutions available for backup, depending on budget and specific backup needs. For more information click here.

Print & Scan Services

The Print and Document Services server role allows you to manage shared network printers. With this role, you can also receive scanned documents from network scanners and route the documents to a shared network storage so all of your staff can access them at any time.

Cloud Servers

While Cloud-based services are gaining in popularity, some businesses still feel more comfortable having their server in a place they can physically access it (in their office). When your server is located in-house, you have complete control over it. In addition with a local server (non cloud) your business can run regardless of poor internet connectivity or an internet outages.

In the end the choice can come down to many factors such as customer preference, server roles needed, security as well as cost.

If you have any questions on selecting a server best for your business please feel free to call our office at (732) 702-5400. Pro-Tech can come to your business or home and assist you with planning, implementation, as well as other services. Please see our website homepage for other services we offer.

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