10 ways Businesses can benefit from Microsoft Exchange Online

10 ways Businesses can benefit from Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft-Exchange-Server-OnlineWhat is Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is Microsoft’s business email solution. In layman’s terms, it’s a piece of software that runs on a server and manages all your emails, calendars, contacts and tasks on any device. Microsoft Exchange is the most preferred email server by the organizations across the world. It can be either installed on the local network or hosted online, in the cloud. When hosted in the cloud, Exchange can be accessed from anywhere. Microsoft Exchange is a powerful, feature rich business tool that does far more than just emails. Here are 10 ways businesses can benefit from Microsoft Exchange Online:

1. Enhanced MS Outlook Functionality

It comes to no surprise that many companies prefer Microsoft Outlook as its go to email client. Email is a critical tool in a business environment not just to connect with clients but it’s also widely used as an internal means to communicate through Exchange. Microsoft Exchange allows your Microsoft Outlook folders to be networked with others in your company. Without it each computer Outlook folders functions independently.

2. Increase Staff Collaboration

Microsoft Exchange Server provides a reliable communication server for businesses including hosting functions such as Emailing, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks. Thus, making day-to-day business operations more organized and streamlined. Share your calendar between different members of your organization. Stay informed of what other staff members are doing. Shared calendars, contacts and tasks help staff to collaborate, be more organized and productive. Set an out-of-office reply to keep your fellow colleagues, clients and sales prospects informed when you are away. Automatically populate a user’s calendar with appointment details and more. MS Exchange has a search tool that allows you to perform searches for relevant content in all folders and mailboxes. This put your data at your finger tips. Allowing you to find information when you need it most.

3. Greater Productivity

One of the objectives in using an Exchange Server is to make businesses efficient and more productive. With different features, such as scheduling, contact management, sharing of calendar between the staff members helps the colleagues to stay informed and create an aligned path, resulting in increased productivity. Technological advancements have allowed us to be connected more than ever before. Employees, today, are less likely to work all day in the office. Instead, they are distributed and mobile, working together from different geographic locations. To stay productive, employees need complete access to their email as business communication can take place anytime and anywhere.

4. Outlook Data Synced across all Devices

Today’s professionals require access to information 24×7. Microsoft Exchange Server enables data syncing across all your devices, such as computers using MS Outlook, smart phones and tablets. Exchange server synchronizes email, contact management, tasks and notes that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

5. Scales & Grows with your company

In an Exchange Server Hosting solution, the pricing follows the ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach. Pricing is based per user mailbox and  requires an annual commitment. You can choose to pay the subscription cost all at once, or monthly. This is an efficient model as companies only need to pay for what they need. You can add or remove users, mailboxes and storage space as you need it. There are also options to archive email as data ages and grows.

6. Enhanced Security

With Hosted Exchange, you get enterprise-level security. Microsoft Exchange Server has a built-in defense against email threats before they reach your inbox. The system has a multi-layered malware detection, anti-spam filters, which continuously guards against phishing threats, spam and viruses. In addition, Microsoft Exchange is compliant with all major compliance standards like HIPAA, FISMA and ISO 27001. This all makes it the most secure option for your business.

7. Low Cost

Today going with Microsoft Exchange Server Online is more cost effective as compared to buying and maintaining your own local Exchange Server. Small Businesses can’t justify the cost to setup and maintain an on-premises Exchange Server, which includes purchasing a separate Windows Server, exchange software, security components and a substantial amount to keep the infrastructure properly maintained.

8. Always Available

Business continuity is an important consideration for any business. Cloud providers invest a huge amount to maintain infrastructure by leveraging redundant hardware and software to make sure that your data is always available (99.999% uptime), so you have little to no downtime. There is no way a small business can afford to replicate this infrastructure internally.

9. Managed by Hosting Company

Exchange can become quite complex to manage. Since it’s hosted on a server, it requires maintenance. To combat this you can opt for Hosted Exchange and pass on the responsibility of maintenance to a provider. A Hosting company employs certified engineers to manage this environment. Back end operations are all taken care of without your involvement, behind the scenes. This allows you to focus on strategic initiatives which would generate revenue and help you grow your business.

10. Mailbox Backup

Compared to the old POP3 email model, Exchange Server online centralize email in the cloud. As a result your data can be backed up by the hosting provider at the agreed upon retention period. If you’re using the old POP3 model, your at risk losing your emails if your computer crashes. POP email is decentralized. Once downloaded it is stored on the individual computer (not the cloud), so if and when your computers dies, all your emails would be lost. Microsoft Exchange is designed to centralize your emails and store them on a server in the cloud for distribution to all your devices. The Exchange hosting company can then manage backups for you.

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