Remote Access Solutions for Small Businesses

Remote Access Solutions for Small Businesses

Working from home (telecommuting), using Remote Access is becoming more popular among small businesses especially with the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus. Remote access allows employees to work from home and get things done if they are home sick or can’t make it into the office due to emergencies like we are in now. Companies considering remote work solutions may find the available remote options overwhelming. Consider the options below in order to ensure you make the right choice for your company.

Remote Work Options

There are many ways to establish remote work access for businesses. There’s Remote Access Software, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Virtual Private Networks, Cloud Networks, or just sharing files between home offices. How you wish to operate your remote work solutions makes a huge difference in what kind of solution will be best for your company. When deciding on a type and provider of remote access and work solutions, it’s important to consider some Pros and Cons such as; Security, Ease of use, Ease of setup and Cost.

The Pros and Cons:

1) Remote Access Software

This solution is the most simple option for accessing a single or small amount of computers remotely. There are a variety of software options to choose from, relatively low cost and easy to use. The look and feel is not as good as Remote Desktop however it still is pretty close. To ensure that the system is not vulnerable to attack, security policies and passwords need to be properly setup.

2) Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP)

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a very fast option and your desktop will look the closest to the way your office desktop looks when your in the office. It is recommended that this method is used in combination with the VPN option, to ensure that the system is not vulnerable to attack, otherwise it can be. This can scale for use in small, medium and very large office environments of any size with or without a terminal server.

3) Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN’s are the most secure and are the least vulnerable to security concerns. They are more difficult to set up, cost more and run slower. If PCs aren’t properly protected viruses and malware could be transferred through the VPN if infected. These cons can be addressed with proper security software, passwords and security policies.

4) Cloud Network

Some companies choose to work from a complete virtual office in the Cloud. Cloud remote work solutions may offer some additional flexibility. Cloud options can vary with options and can be scaled up or down based on the size of your company. Servers can be hosted in the cloud to run important databases or cloud file storage can be shared through a workgroup. This is usually the most expensive option, however for mobile offices it may be a must have.

Setting up your remote access solution can be a difficult undertaking. Pro-Tech can plan and setup your infrastructure and can help you decide and establish a remote access solution that works best for your company. For a free consultation please call our office at (732) 702-5400. Please see our website homepage for other services we offer.

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  1. Glen Lundberg :

    This news letter is perfect and very useful information. With the CONVID 19 virus outbreak and companies having their employees working remotely this is very helpful information. Thank you Frank!

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