Turn Your Old Mission-Critical PC into a Virtual Machine Before It Dies

Turn Your Old Mission-Critical PC into a Virtual Machine Before It Dies

Virtual MachineIf you have an older PC running important software, one of the best ways to give that PC new life is by virtualizing it and doing away with the old computer hardware. In this case its best to convert this system into a virtual machine and run it on a newer computer. The end result is that you can take your old computer, its programs, files and settings with you on a virtual machine. It’s a great way to ensure that the aging computer you rely upon can be preserved forever.

What is a Virtual Machine (VM)?

A virtual machine (VM) is an emulation of a computer system. A VM provides the full functionality of a physical computer and provides a virtual substitute for a real machine. They provide functionality needed to run multiple operating systems, both old and new. This is accomplished by using specialized software which is called a Hypervisor. In this case your old guest operating system (Windows 7 or XP) runs within your host operating system (Windows 10).


Virtual machines are amazingly useful and allow you to run multiple operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10) all on the same computer. By converting your existing PC into a virtual machine, you can run it on your new computer with the following advantages,

  • Access everything as you did on old system before
  • Create a virtual replica of an entire system without original CD’s
  • Use old software on new hardware
  • Maintain old software compatibility
  • Run an old operating system like Windows XP on Windows 10
  • Back it up and preserve it forever
  • Run Microsoft Windows on an Apple Mac

Summing it Up

If your thinking about upgrading your operating system to Windows 10, buying a new computer or just preserving a really old system. Rather than hunting down alternative tools, why not consider converting your old computer to a virtual machine that can be run on any computer?

Pro-Tech can assist you with your virtualization needs. If you have any questions please call our office at (732) 702-5400.  Pro-Tech can come to your business or home and assist you with planning, implementation, and other services. Please see our website homepage for other services we offer.

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